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Texas Regional Fortune Center assists foreign investors to make sound investments that will qualify them for permanent residency visas and future citizenship. Our portfolio consists of low risk, diversified real estate investments that are chosen specifically for EB-5 investment opportunities. Texas Regional Fortune Center boasts of being located in our nation’s #1 growth market, the state of Texas. We specialize in finding investment opportunities in the nation’s leading residential real estate market, Houston, TX. To ensure that our clients have a thorough understanding of the EB-5 investment process, we have dedicated a team of experts to guide and counsel our investors throughout the life of their investment and up until they have received their green cards. Texas Regional Fortune Center takes pride in its relationship with its customers. We are confident that we are the best choice for your EB-5 investment solution. Our projects are led by teams with more than 30 years of experience that have a proven track record of success. Please take a look at the projects section of our website to see where your investment is going.
Business Model
The business model of our EB-5 investment program is very different from the rest of EB-5 investment programs offered in the country. Unlike a single model where most of the immigrant companies build only one project, we are continually injecting new capital and developing new projects. Your money is not going to be invested in a single, large and long duration project, such as remote resorts and hotels where may be there a high risk of project suspension. Under the leadership of our selected team, we select the areas with the greatest potential of appreciation and develop a large number of practical, short duration, residential communities, which brings to the regional center a very high and fixed sales. The team is constantly searching for new projects looking for development, growth, thus forming a short investment time, quick results and a stable business model. Our selected group of real estate developers adhered to the development philosophy of "harmonious life, natural comfort, energy-saving, eco-friendly", after 30 years of experience in the market have become the benchmark in the industry. Our group integrates the activities of land development, urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, project management, material procurement, warehouse supply, financial cost control, sales promotion, perfect after-sales service and all core activities through our original in-house developed software.
Team Honors
Capitol Oaks— First Place ULI Winner