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On March 20, 2013, we obtained the approval from USCIS and Initial Regional Center Designation under the Immigrant Investor Program.
I-526 Exemplar
An Exemplar I-526 is a sort of sample petition, filed by the Regional Center submitting all the relevant documents of a project along with the I-924 for USCIS approval. Once USCIS approve the project's business plan, economic employment report, private agreements and send the letter of approval to the Regional Center, the project clearly meets the employment creation requirements, so investors do not need worry about job creation. The number of jobs created will be recognized. In the I-526 approval process of each investor, unless the business plan and other important documents have changed, USCIS will no longer review the project documents, but will review the identity of individual investors and the documents related to the Source of funds.

Urban Houston Lenders, LLC.(Sold Out)
I-924 exemplar letter- Urban DFW Fund I LLC