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If you think the combination of "energy" and "Houston" only means oil, it's time to think again. Because today the "Energy Capital of the World" is the center for all things energy-from petrochemicals to wind power. We've made a commitment to innovation ranging from the laboratory to the farm and leveraged a powerful, century-strong base of knowledge and resources to create the energy sufficiency we need for today and beyond.

Houston is home to one of the two locations of The Institute for Energy Research (IER), a non-profit organization that conducts extensive research and analysis on the function, operation, and government regulation of global energy markets.

The Houston-based Advanced Energy Consortium, led by Rice University and The University of Texas at Austin and including BP America, ConocoPhillips, Halliburton Energy Services, Marathon Oil, Schlumberger, Occidental Oil and Gas, and Occidental Petroleum, was formed in 2008 to pursue micro- and nanotechnology applications to increase oil and gas production.


Houston is the place to be if you want to make a difference through biotechnology. We're home to some of the most outstanding life science organizations including Texas Medical Center, the world's largest medical resource, and the advanced thinking of some of the country's top research universities and creative entrepreneurs. Plus, we offer the resources, culture and networks to take a great idea from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Delivering an incredible range of biotech innovation

Houston has more than 160 biotechnology companies and academic partnerships. Over 75 cutting-edge hospitals and health clinics, and some of the country's top research facilities. World-class research and development is currently taking place in every key biotech cluster: agricultural, biomedical, oncology, environmental, genomics, medical devices and nanotechnology. In 2008 we had the 10th highest rating in the world for the number of patents by a city. Relocate to Houston, and you'll find yourself in the center of some of the most exciting biotech research and application happening in the world today.


In Houston, the sky is no longer the limit. Today, we're striving to make advances in the space program and using the innovations developed there to make huge progress towards tackling down-to-earth problems such as improved heart valves and power sources for cell phones. Home to Johnson Space Center, NASA's largest R&D facility, and some of the world's leading aerospace and aviation research and development organizations, Houston is the place where science, academia and industry come together to find new ways to take the next giant leap.

A center for industry growth

Houston is home to more than 450 companies with a connection to the space industry and more than 120 that are involved in aviation. From 2009 to 2010, Houston's total trade in aircraft, spacecraft and parts grew 14% to $1.54 billion. We're the center of today's aviation and aerospace universe, and the ideal place for your company to locate or expand.

Aerospace and Aviation in Houston

Houston's Johnson Space Center (JSC) attracts the nation's best high-tech professionals and is an aerospace hub and transfer site for NASA-developed technology.


In 2009, more companies chose to manufacture their products in Houston than in any other U.S. city. The reasons are simple: an experienced and committed workforce, ready access to suppliers and multi-modal transportation, and a cost of doing business and living that's hard to beat.

Houston: Over $63 billion in manufacturing output

While chemical and petroleum products top the list of manufacturing shipments by category, Houston-area plants are also known for excellence in everything from food and beverages to electronics and plastics. We're home to nearly 4,000 manufacturers who employ almost a quarter-million skilled workers, and the Houston metropolitan area accounts for 31% of the total value of Texas manufacturing shipments.